Dog Dancing

Purbeck Dog Dancing

Dog Dancing—also know as Heelwork to Music and Freestyle—is fun for you and your dog.

Learn how to teach your dog moves such as the weave, spin, twirl, bow and other fun moves. Add a sequence of moves to music – and you have a routine to show off to your family and friends.

Play the video to see our introduction with short clips from some of our members dance routines:

This is a great way to ‘exercise’ (for both you and you dog). You will also find you create a stronger bond with your dog.

Who Can Join In?

This popular sport is suitable for handlers of any age and fitness.

The only prerequisite is your dog must obey basic obedience commands (see our Obedience Training Classes if you need help with that).

Private tuition is available by arrangement. Group sessions can be organised too.

Click the play button to see a sample from one of our beginner’s sessions.

Where Are The Sessions Held?

Tuition can take place at your home or at our normal training venue.

Venue: Sandford Community Hall, BH20 7BD

Call Carol for more information: 01929 423410

or email

to discuss your requirements and to arrange your private session(s).

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