Dog Training Classes

Obedience Dog Training Classes

Obedience dog training classes are a good investment for you and your dog. A dog that is well trained and socialised is not only a happier dog, but also a dog that is welcome almost everywhere.

Imagine the pride you feel when someone says “That’s a well trained dog!” and you reply “Yes, we got the Gold level award under the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme!”

dog training for puppies in Dorset

Puppies practise walking on a loose lead

Our dog training classes take you and your pooch through puppy foundation, bronze, silver and gold level obedience. Your dog learns how to behave and be sociable with people and other dogs, whilst you learn how to train your dog, create a strong bond with your dog whilst enjoying the friendliness of our classes.

It doesn’t matter what age your dog is nor how much training it has (or hasn’t already had) you are welcome to join our dog training classes. Use the links below to find out more about what we offer in each class.

Other Dog Training Classes/ Sport Activities

Agility dog training in Dorset

Spaniel, Peggy, on the Agility See-Saw

Once you and your dog have got the obedience basics, would you like to do more with your four-legged companion? As well as obedience dog training classes we run other activities, living up to our motto: ‘fun for you… and your dog!‘.

Take a look at our other classes:

We aim to have fun with our dogs at these classes, rather than training for competition, but we do support anyone who would like to gain competitive awards.

Where Are Our Classes Held?

Our obedience dog training classes are held all year round, in Dorset, at the Sandford Community Hall, Sandford near Wareham.

The heelwork to music and pre-agility foundation dog training classes are also held at the hall.

Agility dog training sessions are at our secure field at Corfe Castle during the drier months.

Want to join our dog training classes? Pop us a note using our Contact Form or call for details on the number at the top of this page.

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