Hoopers in Dorset

Hoopers is a new dog activity gaining popularity in the UK.

ACHUK-logoThis new low-impact sporting activity is ideal for dogs of all ages, sizes, shapes and mobility, even 3-legged dogs, as it does not involve any agility jumps or contact equipment. Dogs are sent through hoops, tunnels and around barrels.

Hoopers dog sportIt is also good for people regardless of fitness (ideal for anyone with a disability) because it is based on distance handling rather than running with your dog (you can run with them but you don’t have to).

Hoopers is also a great foundation for anyone who is just getting started in agility and is perfect for older agility dogs who are no longer able to jump but still want the fun of running a course.

Dogs of any age can take part, but they do need to have a reasonable recall, and be comfortable working around other dogs, which is why we recommend pups should be 6 months old before starting Hoopers.

In our beginner classes dogs are introduced to the equipment; hoops, barrels and tunnels. They are taken through foundation exercises and taught directional cues – similar to flatwork in agility – so they are confident about following their handler’s verbal and body cues around a course.

In this video you can see a simple sequence of a few hoops, a tunnel and barrel: 

You can take part in Hoopers just for fun or move through the different qualification levels, from Beginners through to Elite. You gain qualifications by registering with Canine Hoopers UK (CHUK) and attending competitions.

The ultimate goal is for your dog to be able to run a more complex course without you having to run around, as demonstrated in this video of a Hoopers Competition in the USA: 

Our classes are run by our Accredited CHUK Instructor using positive, force-free training methods.

If you’d like to try out Hoopers use our contact form to ask about classes.

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