KCAI Trainer of The Year Award

KCAI-trainer-of-the-yearThe Kennel Club is holding their annual trainer awards event where dog handlers can nominate their dog trainers for the KCAI Trainer of The Year Award. The closing date for nominations is 12 noon on 30 October 2015.

Will You Nominate One of Our Trainers?

If you’ve attended any of our classes you’ll know that dog training is not just what happens in the class – it’s what we do in the background that helps to make a difference to you, our clients, and your dogs.

That’s why we are continuously studying to make sure we are up to date with the latest thinking on how to train dogs positively.

One of our trainers, Carol Bentley, is currently working towards KCAI accreditation, which means she is eligible to be nominated for the KCAI Trainer of The Year Award.

If you feel that attending classes Carol has run has helped your dog and made a difference to your lifeClick to submit nomination for KCAI Trainer of the Year; whether that’s in heelwork to music (dog dancing), agility or obedience classes, please nominate her for the award as recognition of what you have achieved with her help.

Please click the poster

Or visit KCAI Nomination before the 30 October 2015 closing date. Thank you.