Pre-Agility Foundation

Pre-Agility Classes

We do not accept dogs for normal agility classes until they are fully grown (usually aged 12 months) because they could damage themselves using some of the normal agility equipment.

But.. if you plan to take part in our agility classes in the summer, when your dog is old enough, then these pre-agility foundation classes, for puppies aged 6 months and older, are ideal for you.

The classes are held indoors at Sandford Community Hall on Sunday mornings (see Classes Calendar for times) during the winter months or Thursday evenings in the summer months.

You and your young dog will become familiar with agility terms, get used to working around agility equipment such as the tunnel, play on a teeter board to learn the art of balance and take gentle exercises that help develop your dog’s muscles ready for the proper agility equipment.

Your dog will learn how to be ignore distractions, even though everything is very exciting. How to change direction when told or signalled, how to recognise contact points and how to be confident on different surfaces.

When Can My Dog Start Pre-Agility Foundation Training?

Because basic obedience is needed, any dog aged 6 months and older who has completed (or is attending) our puppy foundation or intermediate obedience classes is welcome to join our pre-agility foundation classes.

Small dogs that are aged over 12 months and have never attended agility classes are also welcome.

Use our contact page to request more class details or download the Pre-Agility Registration Form to reserve your dog’s priority place on the waiting list for the next agility foundation course.

Club Loyalty Card Scheme

We do not ask you to book a series of classes – as some organisations do. You are welcome to come along as and when you can and pre-booking is not required.

Doing it this way means that you and your dog can take the training at whatever pace suits you and your lifestyle.

However, if you do attend regularly – of course we do recommend that – then you will benefit from our Loyalty Card Scheme. At your first class you will be given your card.

Each time you pay to attend ANY of our classes your card will be stamped. The card holds 10 stamps, once filled you will be given another. You can use your completed card to ‘pay’ for any class you wish to attend (this does not include 1-to-1 sessions or special workshops).

PLUS – if you introduce a new person to any of our classes, when they have filled their FIRST card you will also get a free lesson as a ‘Thank you’ for the introduction. (This applies only to their first card, not any subsequent cards they may fill).

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