Mastering Recall Workshop

Is your dog’s recall good in your house or garden or in training class but not so reliable when you are out and about?

It is sooo frustrating, isn’t it? Especially if you are trying to call your dog away from other dogs or need to finish the walk so you can get off to work.

dog recall

How strong is your dog’s recall?

Attending our Recall Workshop could be the answer you are looking for.

Recall Workshop: Where & What?

Our workshops are held in our secure field, at Corfe Castle, during the drier months and at Sandford Community Hall during the wetter, winter months. During the workshop you work on getting your dog to return when called in spite of distractions like other dogs and people, enticing smells when in the field and, yes, rabbit droppings! It builds on the activity in our Friday obedience classes.

We use Susan Garrett’s games training philosophy to create a stronger bond between you and your dog & build a good recall. Playing these games with your dog not only builds a great recall it also helps to develop your dog’s impulse control.

All the games use positive reinforcement where you reward your dog for making good choices. We encourage you to play the games frequently to strengthen the bond you have with your dog.

Recall Workshop: When?

The workshop is held monthly during the drier months.  Please check our Classes Calendar for the workshop dates.

Limited Places

We limit the number of handler/dog teams allowed in the workshops. A waiting list is available once a workshop is fully booked.

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