Warm Weather = Hot Dogs

Warm Weather=Hot DogsI’ve often envied dogs their warm coats during winter, they don’t seem to be bothered too much by rain and cold winds (unless it’s a real storm). Of course we can wrap up, but things are different in the hotter, summer months.

When the weather warms up, we can ‘strip off’ – not completely but enough to keep reasonably cool. But our doggie friends do not have that luxury. That’s why we have to find ways of keeping them comfortable when the temperatures soar.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

  1. Keep their water bowl topped up with fresh, cold water.
  2. Take water with you when you go for your walk – especially if you cannot walk in shady areas
  3. Aim to find shady areas for your walks – somewhere where there are plenty of trees
  4. Avoid walking during the hottest part of the day – walk your dogs early morning or late evenings if possible
  5. Avoid playing energetic games (such as ball chasing) if it is still hot when you go out
  6. If your dog is out in the garden, give them a paddling pool to cool down in
  7. Groom your dog regularly to remove excessive hair. If your dog’s coat is thick think about getting it trimmed – but not too much, especially off their back as it will remove their natural protection from the sun
  8. If they have pink spots on their nose or ear tips apply sunscreen to protect them when they are out in the sun
  9. If they pant or seem to be getting overheated cool them down with a wet towel, don’t pour water on their backs as the sun will heat it up and make the situation worse for them
  10. Don’t leave your dog(s) in the car…
Dogs die in hot cars Infographic - RSPCA

Dogs die in hot cars – An infographic created by the RSPCA

If a dog is in distress in a car and is in danger of dying from heatstroke, then the police can be called out because it is an emergency. If you are not sure who is responsible for these type of emergencies, check this booklet Police Responsibilities